Why are lazy greedy goan SEX BRIBE givers sunaina siddhi getting credit

The powerful fraud officials in the indian internet sector will never be honest and openly admit to SEXUAL HARASSMENT yet why are they falsely claiming that the domain names and wordpress blogs belong to the lazy greedy goan obc bhandari slut slim bsc sunaina, gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar when these lazy greedy young women do not spend any money on domain names, or do any work online.
Are these officials not abusing their great powers and falsely giving these lazy greedy young goan sluts siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, credit, great powers, lucrative salaries only because the goan sluts are offering them SEX BRIBES
Like the sreya ukil case indicated these young goan women who sleep with top officials are being unfairly promoted because they are sleeping with extremely powerful top officials, who are defaming the real domain investor, without proof, out of hatred and jealousy.
Since these shameless powerful officials are not likely to stop their defamatory lies after 5 years, all the domain names which the goan frauds riddhi siddhi sunaina nayanshree, asmita patel, veena, ruchika, falsely claim to own, will have a statement to clarify the ownership of the domain name, so that domain buyers and advertisers are not fooled.