Government agencies conveniently forget the hardware required for working online from home

After the Rs 21000/day jaipur luxury hotel stay of haryana human monster fraud raw employee ruchita kinge was exposed, her husband vikas allegedly got the used hp desktop hacked so that it stopped working and did not start again.
The domain investor wasted one day trying to fix the desktop herself
Since there were many problems with the desktop, she then decided to get a new desktop
After making the payment, the seller wanted some time to make the desktop ready, so she could not do her regular work for another day.
Setting up the new desktop took some time , so the domain investor could not use her regular websites on the desktop
While the american companies have plenty of workers, it appears that the russian companies have a shortage of workers. So one russian company sent an offer of 20% higher rates for one day for rejoining the work
This exposes the fraud of LIAR government agencies making fake claims about their lazy greedy fraud employees who do not purchase hardware required, do not spend time, yet the government robs all the data of private citizens to make fake claims about their lazy greedy fraud employees to waste taxpayer money paying them monthly salaries
Only if the online worker has a computer or smartphone, they can do some online work,and some money has to be spent to purchase suitable gadgets.