Stock market investors making Rs 10 lakh profit work from home, domain investors making a loss are targetted for government SLAVERY if they do not have office

In a clear case of discrimination, wealthy Stock market investors not expected to have office, only domain investors making far less money or loss are penalized for not having office, be showing that indian tech and internet companies are mainly targetting domain investors for financial fraud, harassment, criminal defamation, government SLAVERY

There are many professionals and investors who are investing a large amount of money in shares, making a huge amount of profit more than Rs 10 lakh every year, they work from home and are not harassed for not having a separate office,
Yet showing how indian tech, internet companies, government agencies are targetting domain investors for criminal defamation, human rights abuses, the domain investor is making far less money, than the stock market investors, the government agencies are openly involved in government SLAVERY, financial fraud on some indian domain investors giving the fake excuse of not having an office.
The domain investor is using the internet connection far less than the stock market investor, yet government agencies continue to exclusively target domain investors for FINANCIAL FRAUD, government SLAVERY, FALSELY giving the excuse of not having an office
This clearly shows that the indian tech, internet companies are bribing the government agencies to target some indian domain investors for FINANCIAL FRAUD, government SLAVERY since there is no major difference in the internet usage
The domain investor knows some stock market investors, they claim that they spend at least 8 hours daily online , they are working from home, and they often make a profit of more than Rs 10 lakh annually.
It would be interesting to check how many of domain fraudster greedy gujju raw employee stock trader amita patel’s students, paying Rs 8 lakh for her course are working from home, and how much profit they are making