Tech and companies refusal to admit MEMORY ROBBERY, CYBERCRIME of domain investors are human rights abuses leads to tech sector layoffs

Though they make millions of dollars in profit, indian tech and internet companies allegedly led by google, tata are extremely GREEDY SHAMELESS DISHONEST companies without any corporate ethics ruthlessly involved in MEMORY ROBBERY, CYBERCRIME of domain investors and other human rights abuses on small online business owners to increase their million dollar profits while causing great losses to the online business owner
With the help of extremely CRUEL,CUNNING,CHEATER well paid top indian government employees, especially her btech 1993 ee classmates from iit bombay the fraud LIAR tech, internet companies are falsely claiming that the online business of a single woman engineer belongs to the CRUEL LIAR FRAUD government employees who HATE her when it can be legally proved that these greedy government employees have never contacted her, have never helped her, and are doing everything to destroy her life,

The tech and internet companies are also involved in MEMORY ROBBERY, CYBERCRIME on the single woman engineer since 2010, and are falsely claiming that the relatives and friends like goan bhandari raw employee CALL GIRL sunaina chodan of top government officials who HATE the single woman, do not invest any money in domains, own her domains, including this one, bank account to get them no work no investment government jobs at the expense of the single woman.

Though the fraud of the tech, internet companies,government agencies can be legally proved, the government refuses to correct its records, humiliating, cheating, exploiting, robbing the real domain investor, demotivating her completely.

usually employees of large companies are less likely to innovate since they get a good salary without taking any risk, it is the small online businesses which innovate. When top tech, internet companies allegedly google, tata reward all the fraudsters who cheat, exploit innovators, investors, there is no new innovation which the top tech companies can exploit
When investors are subjected to the government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD, which the greedy tech, internet companies refuse to acknowledge they stop innovating and work offline and companies will be forced to layoff employees to remain profitable.