When dehradun maidservant kirti is not doing writing work, why are security agency employees in st inez, panaji making fake claims

In a clear indication of the widespread rot in the indian intelligence and security agencies, the LIAR government employees are allowed to run amok making fake claims about the lazy greedy unskilled MICROCHIPPED servants, housewives, call girls and others who they control
The latest maidservant used for stalking and writing fraud in st.inez, panaji, is kirti from dehradun who doing housework in the house of sinh on the seventh floor. She is usually wearing a tshirt with a pocket in the lower half
She probably does not know anything about computers
Yet in a clear indication of the widespread rot in indian intelligence and security agencies, she has a powerful SUGAR DADDY or person controlling her, who is abusing his powers to make fake claims that the maidservant, who is actually doing housework, is doing writing work
This is part of the long list of fraudsters promoted by google, tata who are falsely claiming to own the bank, paypal account of a single woman engineer whose life google, tata have destroyed to avoid paying call girl fees and bribes , who is actually doing the work, yet is always criminally defamed

The sugar daddy of kirti is observing the engineer very closely, and when the engineer is leaving, the area, he will always send kirti near the lift daily at around 5 pm to mentally torture the engineer , since everyone believes his LIES about his sugar baby kirti

bank details will legally prove that maidservant kirti is not doing any writing work, yet the goan intelligence and security agencies are obsessed with maidservants, call girls, housewives and are always making fake claims about their writing skills