Monitoring a harmless indian citizen

Anyone in the world can invest their money in domain names, yet google, tata are allegedly bribing the corrupt fraud intelligence and security agency officials to abuse their powers, make completely fake allegations against a harmless indian citizen, so that they can sell her to large companies like google, tata, treat her worse than an animal.
Just like babies and women are sold by people interested in making quick money, google, tata are also purchasing the life and career of harmless indian citizens from the ntro, cbi, security agency officials who put up indian citizens for sale, at a price which is not publicly published .

While the indian media is publishing the news of the sale of women and children by private citizens, it does have the honesty and courage to carry any news of the sale of female engineers, their life and career, to google, tata by the most senior indian intelligence and security agency officials for money. India has a population of more than 1 billion, yet less than 1000 indian citizens have been put under surveillance the way the harmless single woman engineer has been, with memory reading used on her without her permission.

Most of these citizens are real security threats or celebrities which the cbi, ntro officials can justify in an open debate, however the obc single woman engineer is a harmless low profile private citizen with no powers. Just because the engineer is very experienced, honest, hardworking, a google competitor tata and google have allegedly purchased her life from the fraud top cbi, ntro officials who are like call girls and prostitutes with their complete lack of values, selling indian citizens to corporates abusing their powers.

So after google, tata have paid the market value of the obc engineer, to the cbi, ntro officials indulging in human trafficking, ntro,cbi are wasting tax payer money to defame the harmless private citizen, block her payment to make it difficult to earn a fair living, and broadcast news, videos of all her activities to individuals and companies all over the world . Why is cbi, ntro, raw broadcasting the news of her activities to other people, is it because google,tata ordered them to, why is she denied the right to privacy, which every other indian citizen has?

When the indian government is not compensating the private citizen for the financial losses she is suffering because of the memory reading, surveillance, video circulation, how long is she expected to tolerate the sexual harassment, surveillance? Usually those you are subjected to clinical trials are compensated, is the indian government not involved in torture of citizens