Brilliant harmless obc engineers in india treated worse than animals

In an indication of the endless atrocities on brilliant obc engineers in India, brilliant harmless obc engineers in india are treated worse than animals. Cunning fraud officials will make completely fake allegations against the brilliant obc engineer without any proof at all, so that they can exploit and torture them for the rest of their lives.
Some examples of the atrocities in India are
– testing the most sophisticated microwave weapons on the harmless obc engineer without their permission causing great pain
– using mind reading equipment on them to deny their privacy
– under surveillance for more than 6 years denying the right to privacy
– using voice to skull technology to harass, humiliate the harmless person

When animals are tortured, spca and peta will come to their rescue, however when harmless indian citizens are tortured, treated worse than animals there is no one to help them.