Cunning fraud NTRO Officials falsely claim internet connectivity is a favor

The cunning shameless fraud ntro officials are always looking for a way to exploit the single woman engineer, domain investor whose resume they have stolen for 8-9 fraud raw/cbi employees. Though she alone is paying the ISP for the internet connection these cunning shameless fraud ntro officials act as though they are doing her a great favor allowing her to use the internet.
As a consumer she has the right to use the internet connection without any obligation to anyone at all, yet these shameless fraud ntro officials are falsely giving credit to the fraud raw employees brahmin nayanshree hathwar, sidhi gadkar, veena if she will use the idea connection.
On the other hand, if the airtel connection will be used, these shameless fraud ntro officials are giving credit to the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud housewife cbi employee riddhi nayak, raw employee obc bhandari sex bribe giver bsc sunaina, ruchika

When none of these lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees are spending any money on the internet connection or time online, why are the extremely powerful shameless fraud ntro officials giving them credit, to justify the wastage of indian tax payer money on these frauds. Why are the shameless LIAR NTRO officials so vicious, ruthless in defaming the real domain investor, a harmless single woman enginee, refusing to acknowledged that she alone is doing all the work and spending her hard earned money with Idea, Airtel.