Corrupt greedy shameless indian intelligence, security agencies force indian citizens to invest in insurance

Though India officially claims to be a democracy, in reality it is ruled by the greedy corrupt dishonest intelligence and security agencies who are free to do anything they feel like, without a court order or legally valid reason. For example these officials have made fake allegations without any proof against a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor, paypal account holder for more than 5 years and stolen her retirement savings of twenty years, without a legally valid reason or court order. These fraud security agency officials who are replacing the british in commiting human rights abuses, atrocities on harmless indians label any vulnerable person as a security threat without any proof to exploit, cheat the person for the rest of his or her life.

So though the returns on insurance investment remains low compared to other options, indian citizens who are defamed, exploited by the fraud corrupt security and intelligence agencies are forced to invest their hard earned money in insurance or the shameless fraud indian intelligence and security agencies will steal all their hard earned money making up fake stories

News websites take a lot of bandwidth

In India, bandwidth remains extremely expensive, so it is advisable to avoid visiting a news website especially foreign news websites. Many of these websites have more than 40-50 images and videos, so the daily bandwidth quota of approximately 50 MB will be consumed very quickly. In contrast most other websites selling text link ads or government websites do not take up much bandwidth, and can be visited without costing much in terms of data transfer.
In UK, USA the bandwidth cost remains low, and broadband connections are cheap, so internet users from those countries do not face any data transfer problems visiting the news website, only indian internet users have to carefully monitor bandwidth usage before taking a decision.

For checking the news, television, newspapers are a better option in India

Pain ray used to torture harmless indian domain investors, paypal account holders

In India due to the misplaced healthcare priorities of indian intelligence agencies, a huge amount of indian tax payer money is wasted to ruin the health, finances and cause great pain to harmless indian citizens, especially domain investors, paypal account holders misusing the pain ray or active denial system(ADS) which the indian intelligence, security agency officials have access to for national security .
Any other harmless indian domain investor, paypal account holder or indian resident being ruthlessly tortured using these invisible hitech weapons, which cause great pain, can send their details to and check Healthcare website for more information.

Torture of domain investors in India causing great pain

While the incompetent security and intelligence agencies cannot maintain law and order in Haryana and other places in north India they are allowed to waste infinite indian tax payer money to stalk, sexually harass and criminally torture harmless domain investors in India, causing great pain and health problems, for their personal gain or hatred. This adversely affects the revenues of these domain investors and makes it difficult to lead a normal life.

Smartphone costing Rs 251 from Ringing bells

Most newspapers carried the news of the smartphone Freedom251 from a Ghaziabad company Ringing bells which offering full featured smart phone called freedom251 costing Rs 250. The phone seller was promising delivery by June 2016 and online booking had opened on February 2016. However experts are claiming that the smartphone could not cost less than Rs 2500 with the specifications provided. In addition to the media attention, the phone seller has also got a lot of police and income tax department attention with his passport being confiscated.
The freedom251 phone seller said he would be revealing his business model in a few days time. With delivery charges of Rs 40 per phone, the phone seller has already collected Rs 73 crore in online booking and reached their target of 25 lakh mobile phone preorders. Whether he will actually deliver the phone as specified, only time will tell. To get details of the cheap mobile phones available in India check Mobile phones comparison . Phone sellers can send their product specifications for a free listing to Expensive mobiles are also stolen in India, more details at stolen smartphones

Exposing the crank mobile phone call of cbi/raw/ntro officials

Increasingly cbi/raw/ntro officials are making crank phone calls, impersonating relatives and friends after monitoring all conversations closely. On February 20, 2016 the obc domain investor received a crank call from a bengaluru number, a person falsely claiming to be a relative. The relative is extremely money conscious and will not talk on the phone for a long time, as her bill will increase.
However on February 20, 2016 at around 3.15 pm the person made a long phone call from bengaluru and was speaking a lot of unnecessary and irrelevant things, indicating that a RAW/CBI employee was impersonating the relative using voice synthesis technology and ntro equipment.
The phone call was used to pinpoint the exact location so that the contract killers hired to murder the obc engineer could focus the killer radiation/laser beams accurately

In the evening a high intensity radiation beam was forcused to cause great pain allegedly by the fraud criminal relatives/friends of the shivalli brahmin fraud raw employee bbm nayanshree hathwar

Open discrimination against backward class single women online

If a backward class single woman claims that she is doing any work online, the corrupt intelligence and security agency officials will falsely claim that she is mentally unsound, and harass, torture her,steal her retirment savings without a court order or legally valid reason.
If the brahmin or obc cheater friends or relatives of these fraud officials falsely claim to do the same work, they will get a R&AW/CBI job,with salary, pension in an open case of discrimination.
These fraud officials harassing the obc single woman engineer cannot be identified or asked to justify their harassment in an open debate, why are the rules for working online are so different for single middle aged women and married or young women