No incentive to update website

There are a large number of websites with Google adsense which have not been updated for years like and the website with bank rates (still shows bank FD rate as 10%+ when actually the bank rate is mostly 7% ). The website had regular posts between February 2010 and April 2013, then there are no blog posts till date January 2016, for nearly 3 years, though someone is paying the domain registration and renewal fees. Mostly likely there has been a change in the ownership of the blog.

Google has encouraged well connected people in India to force others to sell their websites,and these well connected people are least interested in updating or maintaining the websites.As a result, the information online has become increasingly inaccurate, and people are relying on other sources of information which are more accurate. Google instead of trying to ensure that correct information is available online, encourages people to purchase websites only for Adsense.

For a well informed person, the quality of india related information online, especially found using google, remains poor.