Selling text links is a dangerous game

In goa, officials are stalking the harmless obc single woman engineer for more than 5 years, wanting to take over the business, sell the domain names, websites very cheaply thinking that they will make quick money without much work. However they do not realize that selling text links remains an extremely dangerous game which only very experienced players can afford to play, where the revenues can disappear overnight .
For example at the end of November 2015, 5 major websites got deindexed and 4-5 ad networks stopped selling links on those websites. Earlier in mid November 2015, there was a major change in the MOZ DA algorithm, and the DA of the websites decreased to a very great extent, resulting in loss of revenues
For example for some websites a link would sell for $1 now with the DA decrease the link value has reduced to $0.25. So officials may spend years to take over the website, they may get deindexed any time and the revenues will reduce to zero, while the expenses of domain renewal, hosting will remain the same.
Experienced link sellers can restart their network anytime as they have done a lot of research, spending a huge amount of money on domain names, hosting and link building. However officials whose main skills are stalking, human rights abuses and defamation will find it difficult to start a network as they lack skills, experience and knowledge