Government employees mainly have access to confidential information

The KK Ranjith Damini honeytrap was exposed just a week before the Pathankot attack and it appears that there may be others leaking information. It exposes the fact that government employees, especially defence employees have access to far more confidential information which can be misused, compared a harmless civilian, like a Paypal account holder who just trying to earn a living.
However it appears that the indian government employees are not monitored at all when they use the internet or offline, while a lot of resources are wasted monitoring the harmless Paypal account holder online and offline for more than 5 years, wasting tax payer money. Mind reading equipment will be used on the harmless Paypal account holder falsely claiming that national security is involved, when actually the government employees leaking important information, indulging in corruption, can be a far greater threat.
For monitoring a harmless single woman engineer, Paypal account holder, at present 30-40 people are deployed for the last 5 years trying to find non existent proof to frame her, falsely implicate her in some conspiracy. They have been unable to do so for nearly 6 years and are not likely to do so, because she does not interact with many people. Yet the top security and intelligence agency officials are not willing to admit their mistake, and continue to waste resources in the form of 30-40 government employees, equipment, while terrorists, officials lured by honeytraps or bribes operate freely