Indian online censors worse than China

Indians like to boast that india is a liberal democracy where people are free to say whatever they feel like, yet the online censors in India are worse than china in 2015, extremely narrow minded, mediocre, biased with no sense of right and wrong.
Usually the editor of a magazine is a well read person, liberal, tolerant, open minded, the current censors who seem to affiliated to the brahmin frauds hathwar, kodancha, siddhi mandrekar are greedy corrupt shameless frauds who are so poorly qualified that no one would accept their content. If the website is not selleable, they are labelling the website as spam though the content is 100% original. Any whistleblower exposing a fraud, especially of these officials and their associates, is labelled as a spammer, though he is not posting any link.

It is extremely dangerous to give great powers to incompetent narrow minded corrupt officials who do not know the correct meaning of spam, and cannot appreciate divergent views. Spam is unsolicited commercial emails, anyone can have a website on a topic of their interest, which may or may not have commercial value. When webmasters know that powerful greedy frauds will try to steal their websites, they will ensure that the content on the website, will deter people trying to steal it.