NTRO officials reduces laptops to typewriters

in an indication of how cruel greedy corrupt ntro officials have managed to reverse all the technology advances that have been made in the last few decades, NTRo officials especially in Goa have reduced laptops to glorified typewriters. Some laptop owners especially paypal account holders find that they cannot use the spreadsheet or most other programs due to repeated hacking by ntro and other officials who take a sadistic pleasure in wasting the time and money of the laptop users, manipulating the data for fun.
These NTRo officials are getting a salary monthly whatever they do,paid with indian tax payer money, however they are extremely selfish and do not take into consideration the great problems they cause to harmless small business owners whose monthly revenues are not confirmed and whose time is extremely limited
The small business owner or professional cannot afford to waste their time and money redoing the work which is deleted by these fraud ntro officials for “FUN” or out of hatred, greed.