Computer based calculations no longer correct

During college most middle aged people did all their calculations manually and when computers, calculators were widely used, they thought that the calculations would be correct due to the sophisticated technology being available.
However after 2012, a single woman obc engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder realized that all spreadsheet calculations on her laptop were being manipulated remotely by ntro officials abusing their powers for corporate espionage, and the incorrect calculations would be used against her as a sign of her incompetence.
She reverted to paper based calculations and now will also cross check a calculator result.

The obc engineer thought that she was the only person who was being targetted, yet know it is increasingly obvious that at least some internet companies are also being targetted in 2015 and their databases are being manipulated so that their vendors are not credited accurately
. It appears that manual verification of records on paper will be the only way to troubleshoot the problem faced.

So twenty years after computers were being widely used, India is regressing and people can no longer rely on a computer to give accurate results for simple calculations