NTRO officials allegedly stealing passwords for Google

Now it has become increasingly clear that NTRO officials are putting a harmless single woman engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder under surveillance not for national security reasons, because large corporates like google, tata are paying them for corporate espionage, including stealing the passwords so that specific websites can be targetted for deleting ads or deindexing so that advertisers will only spend their money on google adwords.
The latest incident of deindexing which took place in the last week of November 2015, after the MOZ rank update, wherein specifically 3 major websites with a large number of pages and advertisers were deindexed indicates that the officials behind the corporate espionage want to maximize the losses that the obc domain investor will face with minimum effort.
Deindexing a large number of websites can be very time consuming and these officials do not want to take the effort, instead hacking the account to find out the websites with maximum revenues and systematically deindexing them to cause losses.