Official with stolen FDs, NSC, KVP ruthlessly blocking payment

The indian intelligence agency official who has stolen and kept the FD, KVP, NSC receipts of the harmless obc single woman engineer, domain investor without a court order, has been ruthless in blocking payment, reducing the online income of the engineer, he has been monitoring all the online activities of the obc engineer, and doing everything possible to reduce the revenues.
For example, affiliate conversions from the engineers websites are all credited to the account of this official who is already getting a good salary from the government, while the engineer is paying the hosting, domain costs, and not being credited what she deserved. Only the account of the obc engineer are being affected, when someone else claims to own the account, the affiliate conversions are being tracked and credited properly

The greedy official is hoping to cause so many losses, that the engineer will be forced to agree to a humiliating identity theft arrangement, which will make his friend or relative very wealthy. However the engineer has realized that after 5 years, these officials do not have any proof at all, so she is treating it as a case of THEFT by a powerful shameless greedy official

How affiliate commissions of obc domain investor, webmaster are stolen

The obc engineer realizes that promoting any affiliate program will be a complete waste of time for her because all her affiliate conversions are being credited to someone else. For example for a website U*, though she owned the account, some powerful officials falsely claimed that the goan sex bribe givers siddhi mandrekar, sunaina owned the account and changed the password. The engineer did not realize that the password was changed, and promoted the affiliate link on the website. No conversion was tracked when she controlled the account

After a year, when the engineer checked the account she found that the password was changed. Since her mobile number was being used , she managed to reset the password and found that the balance had increased very significantly to more than Rs 300. Now the engineer has controlled the account for more than six months, and again finds that not even one affiliate link conversion has been tracked and credited to her account

The statistics are
2014 :155 conversions
2015 : 0 conversions

And when she will go to the website she will see the message “Kingray”(or similar name) has recharged the mobile for Rs 10, clearly indicating that affiliate commissions are being stolen by the official who has already stolen the FD, NSC, KVP certificates of the obc engineer,without a court order.

Browser hacked so that domain investor cannot reply

The large companies misusing NTRO equipment to commit corporate espionage and harass the harmless obc domain investor, Paypal account holder are ruthless in abusing their powers to harass the domain investor. The latest incident in November 2015 was when the Firefox browser was hacked and the domain investor cannot reply to any email when webmail is accessed using Firefox. When the reply incon is clicked, a new window does not open. It has become inconvenient because she cannot reply to any enquiry from customers.

Earlier Google chrome could also not be used to access the webmail for the particular email service, However in another state, webmail could be accessed without any major problems .

Having sex,cheating does not make a goan slut, brahmin fraud experienced overnight

Few can match the shameless fraud intolerant top officials in the indian internet sector in their irrational behavior, These officials think that just because lazy greedy goan sluts fraud siddhi mandrekar, sunaina are having SEX with the fraud top officials in NTRO, R&AW, CBI these lazy greedy sex bribe givers are experienced webmasters, engineers and deserve a top job in indian intelligence agency.
How does having sex with 100’s of powerful sex starved men make inexperienced lazy greedy frauds siddhi mandrekar, sunaina experienced engineers with a Btech 1993 EE degree. Why is an obc engineer, webmaster be treated as an inexperienced person just because the inexperienced lazy greedy goan section 420 cheater and sex bribe giver siddhi mandrekar commited corporate espionage on her

Goan sex bribe givers siddhi mandrekar, sunaina are just like the high class call girls and escort girls servicing wealthy and powerful men, they have no right to false claim that they are Paypal account holders, domain investors. Similarly the brahmin cheater housewives riddhi nayanshree hathwar are just mediocre well connected frauds who powerful friends and relatives manipulated the system to get these mediocre frauds great powers.