NTRO officials hacking all their classmates, obc engineers accounts

In a clear case of abuse of power and misuse of expensive equipment, powerful ntro officials are stealing the password making false claims of national security and hacking almost every account of their harmless classmate, a single woman obc engineer, who they hate. these shameless dishonest powerful officials are then falsely claiming that the account belongs to the lazy greedy goan SEX bribe givers siddhi mandrekar, sunaina who sleep with them and a number of other frauds .
The obc engineer is so tired for being hacked and tracked by these ntro officials who are wasting tax payer money to frame her, that she has stopped creating an online account unless necessary. For example creating an Apple id has also become a risky venture as her account was hacked earlier to falsely claim that the officials friends and relatives owned the iphone. So the obc engineer is forced to allow others to use their Apple id for facetime due to the impersonation fraud, as salaried individuals are not targetted for harassment by these powerful officials