mySQL/WordPress database hacked to harass obc paypal account holder

In an indication of how much discrimination a real obc paypal account holder faces (not the lazy greedy goan obc sex bribe giver slim bsc sunaina who top officials falsely claim is the Paypal account holder) in India, the powerful officials sleeping with goan sex bribe givers sunaina, siddhi mandrekar managed to manipulate the wordpress database to automatically insert an unwanted character #038. The obc domain investor who has a Btech 1993 EE degree and whose resume has been stolen by the lazy greedy goan sex bribe givers, brahmin cheater housewives BBM nayanshree hathwar, riddhi and others to get these frauds lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW, had to waste a lot of time to troubleshoot the problem which was intentionally created out of malice and hatred.
The text for wordpress was showing the correct html code, however the published page HTML code was not correct, indicating that some manipulation was taking place.
It is far more difficult to manipulate html and php pages and the problem was solved. The name, designation and motivation of the official is to be determined, any information will be appreciated