NTRO increases laptop wifi power to torture

Cruel animal like fraud ntro officials have ruthlessly cheated, exploited a harmless single woman obc engineer to enjoy lifetime FREE SEX, get R&AW,CBi,intelligence jobs for their mediocre goan sex partners, relatives and friends . Now to ensure that the news of the NTRO SEX scandal does not reach anyone, the cruel fraud ntro officials have devised a new way to torture .
The expensive ntro equipment is used to monitor every word on the laptop,and the laptop wifi power output is increased to cause headache, microwave burns,pain, so that she does not work on the laptop and the NTRO SEX, MONEY FOR LIES FRAUD is not exposed .
It is a big waste of tax payer money that sex starved ntro officials in goa are allowed to make fake claims so that they can enjoy FREE SEX with sex specialist goan R&AW employee siddhi, sunaina