Open discrimination, persecution, exploitation of indian paypal account holders

Few can match the indian intelligence and security agency officials in their relentless persecution, discrimination,defamation, harassment and torture of harmless indian paypal account holders who are not are denied their fundamental rights because large corporates allegedly google, tata want to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply.
If a paypal account holder will work for a few hours a day to earn a fair living, he or she is defamed as being unwell, to defame, cheat, exploit the person as powerful officials falsely claim that goan sex workers,cheater housewives and other frauds are working online.
In almost every other sector, people work for far longer hours and are never defamed,denied their rights, falsely claiming that they are unwell.
In most IT companies, people are in office from 8 am to 8 pm, 12 hours , and they are treated as normal citizens, who have the right to privacy and to earn a living.
Similar in the financial sector, professionals work for 14 hours without facing any problem at all

On the other hand, if a domain investor, will work on a computer for 6-8 hours daily to earn a fair living, the cruel intelligence agency officials will defame the person, put the person under surveillance, falsely claiming that he or she is unwell
The most sophisticated ntro equipment will be wasted monitoring all the activity on the laptop and offline as these cruel officials try to desperately get her declared mentally unsound to help large companies acquire talent and technology cheaply, help google destroy competition. Cunning officials will spread false rumors that their lazy greedy goan sex partners, cheater housewives, and other frauds are doing work online, pretending to help the domain investor avoid harassment . These fraud officials do not have the honesty and courage to question why a person is being declared unwell, just because she is doing some work.

Why are IT, finance, engineering professionals allowed to work 12-14 hours daily, to make enough money, without being harassed, while indian paypal account holders are labelled mentally unsound if they work on a computer for 6-8 hours daily , it is an open case of discrimination, persecution and denial of fundamental rights. The correspondence of these paypal account holders is also diverted and stolen without a court order or legally valid reason.

Why are indian intelligence,security agencies so completely controlled by google, tata, that they openly change their rules only for indian paypal account holders, domain investors, especially single women instead of abiding by the indian constitution that all indian citizens are equal.