NTRO equipment misused for cheating, exploiting indian paypal account holders

With the help of NTRO officials like puneet, j srinivasan, vijay, google, tata and other indian companies are allegedly involved in very major paypal fraud in India. NTRO officials are encouraged to misuse the sophisticated and expensive paypal equipment to put the harmless paypal account holder under surveillance online, offline falsely claiming national security.

Then these shameless powerful fraud ntro officials are allowed to falsely claim that any of their lazy greedy mediocre friends or relatives are doing work online to get their lazy fraud friends and relatives lucrative government jobs with fake resume,fake investment, fake Paypal account with monthly salary . No attempt is being made to verify the claims of the lazy fraud indian intelligence agency employees who falsely claim to own the paypal account of another indian citizen.

The real paypal account holder who is working hard spending his or her time and money to make money with Paypal, is then viciously defamed, cheated, exploited, and tortured especially in panaji, goa with microwave weapons causing great pain. These cunning NTRO and other officials are threatening to file fake cases against the real paypal account holder if he or she will protest against their complete lies, defamation.