Using Google Maps Widget PRO for tech business websites

Buyers and users of hitech gadgets like smartphones, tablets, wearable devices are more likely to be tech savvy compared to the average citizen and use the internet to find a local store for purchasing the gadget or getting it repaired. Hence companies selling or providing services related to gadgets should have their own business website as they can generate valuable leads and orders as potential customers get information about their company using online sources. WordPress is the preferred blogging tool and content management software for a large number of website developers who help tech related businesses develop their website.The developers can quickly and accurately incorporate a map showing the exact locations of a business on the website using the fully featured Google Maps Widget PRO , developed for WordPress.

For implementing the Google Maps Widget PRO on a wordpress business website , the first step involves getting a Google Maps API key, incorporating the API key generated in the Google Maps widget PRO setting and embedding a google map corresponding to the business location in the wordpress blog. To monitor the usage of resources and prevent abuse, Google has made it compulsory for developers to register and get their Google Maps API key. Comprehensive instructions on How to create Google Maps API key are provided online which the developer can use to generate his or her own ready to use Google Maps API key within an hour.

Though the amount of information available for Google Maps varies depending on the location, because of crowdsourcing, Google Maps has become one of the most popular resources for those looking for information about how to reach a particular location. Often instructions for driving to or reaching a particular location are provided, so that the visitor can decide the route to be taken and the mode of transport. The wordpress developer can find out How to embed a Google map in WordPress online, following the guidelines provided. Most web developers will embed the Google Map along with the business web address and other contact details. Larger businesses may often prefer to install the Google Maps Widget Pro to collect comprehensive information about the visitors to their website, potential leads,orders, using the analytics feature available which is included in the pro version of Google maps widget.