Slow internet connection forced offline work

Watching videos or updating wordpress websites, changing themes takes up a lot of data transfer, The idea connection though officially 3g is extremely slow and the shameless fraud ntro, tata, google officials are falsely claiming that the fraud R&AW/government employees indore housewife veena and shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar are doing work online, when these google, tata sponsored frauds are only looking after their house and family.
However google, tata employees are mentally unsound chronic liars with no humanity or honesty as they shamelessly abuse their powers to make completely fake claims d

Additionally the idea connection in panaji, goa is monitored closely by criminal officials who misuse it to commit human rights , attacking the internet user with microwave radiation weapons to cause great pain , forcing the internet user to leave the room. So to utilize the time well till 10 June 2016, when the connection will be restored, writing work has been taken up which is more productive than doing nothing at all.