Endless fraud of google, tata officials in the internet sector

In the indian internet sector google, tata and other officials allegedly are the most shameless dishonest fraudsters in the world, ruthlessly exploiting domain investors, paypal account holders to get lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs for the lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced fraud friends and relatives of the shameless fraud ntro, cbi,R&AW, security agency officials. They are making fake allegations without any proof at all of black money, being a security threat to exploit, torture harmless domain investors, paypal account holders for years, wasting tax payer money

When the mediocre inexperienced lazy greedy relatives and friends of the fraud top officials in the intelligence and security agencies are getting a salary for doing nothing online at all, because of the shameless section 420 fraud tata, google officials who falsely claim that these frauds are domain investors, Paypal account holders , these shameless top intelligence and security agency officials have no qualms abusing their powers, expensive government equipment to further the corporate goals of google, tata and other fraud companies.

There is no way the real domain investors and paypal account holders can find out about the designation and salary of the fraud indian government employees who are falsely claiming to own their Paypal account because of the endless fraud of the top ntro and other government officials .

The fraud government employees are least interested in investing or working online, yet the indian government and ntro continues to waste tax payer money on their great fraud