Cruel animal like officials target harmless obc domain investors for memory reading in India

The lazy greedy mediocre relatives and friends of shameless fraud top intelligence, security agency officials in India do not want to answer JEE, get an engineering degree or work hard for experience and to invest money online and offline,
Instead the cruel fraud government officials in India will want to steal the resume of brilliant obc engineers, domain investors for their lazy greedy section 420 cheater relatives and friends , to get all these frauds government jobs with salary for doing nothing at all.
So these cruel fraud mainly brahmin cowardly government officials will target harmless obc engineers for memory reading without their permission using wifi network falsely claiming national security when these fraud officials want to run an impersonation and extortion racket.

Like all frauds these government officials will never justify in an open debate why only the harmless obc single woman engineer, domain investor is being targetted for memory reading without her permission , denying her the right to privacy, helping frauds impersonate her and causing her great financial losses