Save file and flee computer to escape criminal government employees

The cruel criminal officials in panaji, goa appear to have automated the process of committing human rights abuses on a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor. Though there are thousands of computer users in panaji, the most sophisticated equipment in india is wasted to monitor all changes in her laptop. The moment a change has been detected on the laptop, the cruel criminal officials will attack using the indian version of the raytheon pain gun to cause great pain, using thermal imaging to detect her exact location
So the harmless indian citizen is being punished by the cruel cowardly criminal officials of panaji, goa for trying to do some work and earn a fair living. The only option to avoid the torture will be to flee the computer immediately after saving a file to escape the criminal attack of these officials. The fact that these cruel criminal officials in panaji goa are allowed to freely torture a harmless civilian, damaging the reputation of India is a reflection of how poorly run the country remains with unpatriotic officials given great powers
Again at 7.59 pm on 13 February the cowardly cruel criminal officials posted in panaji again attacked the harmless single engineer in an attempt to cause great pain. The engineer was forced to abandon the laptop for 1 minute so panaji’s criminal officials wasted one shot of their hitech torture weapons, aiming it at empty space.