Open discrimination against internet usage by domain investors

The government claims that they are encouraging the internet sector, on the other hand, domain investors who have invested a large amount online are openly discriminated against, persecuted and tortured.
If a salaried person or the girlfriends, relatives of intelligence agencies officials will use the internet for 5-6 hours or more daily , there is nothing wrong with the salaried person, their girlfriends or relatives. In reality, there are many people in India who spend hours on facebook, twitter, instagram, skype chatting, they are not monitored by ntro wasting indian tax payer money and their sanity is never questioned.

However if a domain investor, paypal account holder, will use the internet for more than 1 hour a day, these cunning fraud ntro officials will falsely claim that the person is mentally unsound, is suffering from an ailment, It is an open case of discrimination against a small business owner, domain investor, with officials misusing voice to skull technology, pain guns to relentlessly torture the harmless domain investor for more than 5 years