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Lies of powerful government employees in india

For 4 years. goan obc bhandari sex bribe queen bsc sunaina did no work online at all, yet she got a very lucrative government job because fraud powerful government employees having sex with her, falsely claimed that she was doing all the work online, so that the indian government would pay her a salary for sleeping with them. Her relatives also do not have a proper email id and check the email properly.
Yet powerful fraud government employees in goa continue to falsely claim that the lazy greedy obc bhandari young woman sunaina having sex with them, is doing all the work online, when she does not spend any time or money on the internet connection or doing any work online.
For how long will indian government employees led by the fraud NTRO official j srinivasan, falsely claim that having sex with them, is the doing work online, having a Paypal account to pay a salary to her, wasting tax payer money.

Google updating website index slowly to save money?

In an attempt to reduce expenses, google has reduced the frequency of updating the index to a very great extent. In October 2015, the index would be updated in 3 days time and new websites would be included. In january february 2016, the google index period was increased to 5 days. In March 2016, the index is not updated in 15 days. For example the google index is still showing Wallet shopping as a directory of a domain name, though the domain name has been moved elsewhere.
Records show that the google index for wallet shopping was updated on March 9, 2016, and it has not been updated to reflect the change in the name server for the website. Has anyone else observed the same problem?

Google not indexing domain names

In addition to the decrease in DA, another problem that is faced is that Google is not indexing some domain names, reducing the revenue options for the domain investor.
In some cases, like walletshopping, the domain is not being indexed in google, only the directory corresponding to the addon domain is being indexed, which is not of any use at all. The directory continued to be indexed for more than 7 days, till the domain investor tried other options to change the indexing

why does indore housewife veena get credit when Idea connection is being used

Allegedly the shameless fraud officials in tata, google are the greatest frauds in the world, with nigerian scammers appearing to be saints compared to the shameless liar tata, google, indian government officials in the indian internet sector. The indore housewife veena does not do any work online, or invest money online, however the google officials have allegedly bribed the shameless fraud tata, indian government officials to destroy the life of a single woman engineer, domain investor.
So the shameless fraud tata, google, indian government officials have got a government job for the indore housewife veena as reward for betraying the single woman engineer, with fraud indian government officials falsely claiming that the indore housewife, without spending any money, owns expensive domains of the obc single woman engineer
In reality the indore housewife has invested her money in gold and land, yet because the crooked tata, google, officials are shameless frauds,ruining the reputation of India, they continue to give the lazy greedy indore housewife credit for all work being online, especially when an idea connection is being used or she does business with any marwadi company like mit*
The indore housewife is looking after her house, family, keeping it spick and span, why does she get credit for work she does not do and time, money she does not spend online. If the obc engineer did not have to spend time online, she could also keep her house spotless.

Why should the obc single woman engineer tolerate the slander and lies of the shameless fraud tata, google, government officials who want to ruin her reputation and reward every fraud who will betray her like indore housewife veena, goan sex bribe queens siddhi sunaina, riddhi with government jobs.
When will the shameless fraud cowardly cruel section 420 fraud tata, google, indian government officials end their slander of the obc single woman engineer wasting a huge amount of tax payer money.

Do these cowardly officials have the courage to defend their slander of the obc engineer openly

Save file and flee computer to escape criminal government employees

The cruel criminal officials in panaji, goa appear to have automated the process of committing human rights abuses on a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor. Though there are thousands of computer users in panaji, the most sophisticated equipment in india is wasted to monitor all changes in her laptop. The moment a change has been detected on the laptop, the cruel criminal officials will attack using the indian version of the raytheon pain gun to cause great pain, using thermal imaging to detect her exact location
So the harmless indian citizen is being punished by the cruel cowardly criminal officials of panaji, goa for trying to do some work and earn a fair living. The only option to avoid the torture will be to flee the computer immediately after saving a file to escape the criminal attack of these officials. The fact that these cruel criminal officials in panaji goa are allowed to freely torture a harmless civilian, damaging the reputation of India is a reflection of how poorly run the country remains with unpatriotic officials given great powers
Again at 7.59 pm on 13 February the cowardly cruel criminal officials posted in panaji again attacked the harmless single engineer in an attempt to cause great pain. The engineer was forced to abandon the laptop for 1 minute so panaji’s criminal officials wasted one shot of their hitech torture weapons, aiming it at empty space.

Why fraud government employees faking btech 1993 EE degrees will never invest in domain names

For nearly 6 years, shameless fraud indian intelligence and security agency officials have been threatening to force the domain investor to sell the domain names, that their lazy greedy friends and relatives own the domain names
However investing in domain names is a risky and expensive business, a lot of time and money will be required, and none of the lazy greedy fraud government employees faking a btech 1993 EE degree are willing to take the risk of doing so
In 5 years, these pampered fraud women have not invested in a single domain name and are unlikely to do so as they are not interested in doing so.
These lazy greedy fraud indian government employees managed to seduce powerful fraud government officials like puneet, j srinivasan, vijay to steal the impressive resume of their brilliant btech 1993 EE classmate to get them lucrative government jobs.
Now that these lazy greedy women are getting a salary for doing nothing because of their powerful fraud friends, they do not want to take any risk , instead relying on shameless fraud indian government employees like puneet to falsely claim that they own the expensive domain names of his btech 1993 EE classmate who he hated.

brilliant obc engineers tortured, guinea pigs for hitech weapons

Google has developed an excellent way of destroying competition, bribing dishonest indian security and intelligence agencies to label their harmless competition as a security threat without any proof at all so that brilliant engineer will be tortured ruthlessly, and become a guinea pig for testing the most terrific hitech torture weapons.
The shameless fraud ntro officials will be bribed to falsely claim that lazy greedy goan SEX BRIBE GIVERS who have sleep with them sidhi, sunaina, cheater housewives like nayanshree hathwar and other frauds have the resume, investment of their btech 1993 EE classmate, who these fraud sex starved ntro and other indian government officials hate. These ntro officials think that having sex with them, will make goan frauds their btech 1993 EE classmate or if they are infatuated with any fraud, they can falsely claim that she was their btech 1993 EE classmate, and torture their real classmate daily with the most hitech weapons available with ntro, security agencies .

These criminal ntro officials will never have the honesty to justify their section 420 fraud, daily human rights abuses on their harmless btech 1993 EE classmate who they hate in an open debate

Open discrimination against internet usage by domain investors

The government claims that they are encouraging the internet sector, on the other hand, domain investors who have invested a large amount online are openly discriminated against, persecuted and tortured.
If a salaried person or the girlfriends, relatives of intelligence agencies officials will use the internet for 5-6 hours or more daily , there is nothing wrong with the salaried person, their girlfriends or relatives. In reality, there are many people in India who spend hours on facebook, twitter, instagram, skype chatting, they are not monitored by ntro wasting indian tax payer money and their sanity is never questioned.

However if a domain investor, paypal account holder, will use the internet for more than 1 hour a day, these cunning fraud ntro officials will falsely claim that the person is mentally unsound, is suffering from an ailment, It is an open case of discrimination against a small business owner, domain investor, with officials misusing voice to skull technology, pain guns to relentlessly torture the harmless domain investor for more than 5 years

India’s greatest Online Money Making fraud

The shameless fraud top indian intelligence and security agency officials especially in R&AW,CBI, NTRO are ruthless in exploiting people making money online in India, shamelessly making fake accusations without proof, stealing their resume, savings for mediocre lazy greedy SEX BRIBE GIVERS, CHEATER HOUSEWIVES AND OTHER FRAUDS to get all the frauds lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs.
None of these shameless fraud R&AW/CBI employees do any work online or spend any money online, yet because shameless fraud tata, google officials are allegedly bribing the sex starved ntro officials to make completely fake claims, indian tax payer money is being wasted to pay lazy greedy section 420 fraud raw/cbi employees a salary and give them great powers. Lazy greedy goan gsb frauds housewife lead thief riddhi nayak who looks like kangana ranaut, fraud diploma holder slut siddhi mandrekar who commited corporate espionage ,goan obc bhandari slut jeans clad slim bsc sunaina who offers SEX BRIBES to these shameless top officials in India, shivalli brahmin cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar, housewife veena, semiliterate housewife naina, blackmailer ruchika, stock broker asmita patel and others are some of the well connected frauds involved in India’s greatest Online Money Making fraud, which the mainstream media in India does not cover.

NTRO officials are refusing to admit their mistake in making fake claims and continue to ruthlessly torture the Paypal account holder who the fraud R&AW/CBI employees, the friends of these fraud officials are impersonating