R&AW/NTRO/CBI were falsely claiming brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar owned websites

To cover up their great impersonation, cheating fraud on a brilliant obc single woman engineer, R&AW/NTRO were falsely claiming that the lazy greedy cheater shivalli brahmin R&AW employee owned the domain names and websites of the obc engineer she cheated and impersonated, to justify the wastage of indiantax payer money paying her a salary.

However some domain investor was doing research on the websites which R&AW/NTRO falsely claimed that nayanshree hathwar owned and found that her fraud news was published on all the websites she falsely claimed to own, clearly indicating that the brahmin fraud and her powerful friends/relatives in NTRO/R&AW were not telling the truth.

When will R&AW/NTRo/CBI be honest about the resume, investment, experience of their fraud employees like nayanshree hathwar