NTRO officials change layout /desktop

Though they have ruthlessly tortured, defamed, exploited, cheated and harassed a harmless obc single woman engineer for personal gain, the fraud ntro officials kodancha, hathwar, j srinivasan, pritesh continue to think that they are great saints whose misdeeds should never be exposed to the whole world.
When the obc engineer started documenting the fraud, atrocities of these officials, the ntro officials immediately changed the position of the task bar to the bottom of the page, in windows 7 on 24 November 2015, indicating how closely the ntro officials are monitoring the obc engineer who they are ruthlessly defaming and torturing. Ntro equipment was misused to change the position of the taskbar remotely a clear case of corporate espionage.
When they are defaming, torturing and exploiting the obc engineer so ruthlessly, why do the shameless fraud officials expect their misdeeds to remain a top secret. Robbers and murderers take into account the fact that they will be caught for their crime, then why do these officials expect their crime/atrocities to remain a secret.
Either do not commit the atrocities or keep quiet and let the whole world know the single woman obc engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder is being tortured