Online information is not free

Though search engines like Google like to claim that all the information online is available for free, for any person looking for information online, there is a definite cost for getting the information. Almost every ISP in India will charge a fee for data transfer and to get the required information, a person will have to spend a lot of time and some money in downloading the necessary pages of the website. For many websites it is not possible to copy all the data on the hard drive so the online information seeker will have to visit the website repeatedly, increasing the data transfer charges.
Unlike most electronics and technology items, data transfer charges in India have increased in the last few years and the internet connection is also more unreliable.
So though tech companies like Google, Tata like to claim that there will be no place for the printed word and books in the next few decades, increasingly in India, people who have used technology extensively are finding that purchasing a book will be a far better deal.