More proof that confidential data of obc paypal account holder is stolen

Now it has become increasingly obvious that the obc paypal account holder, domain investor is put under surveillance not for national security purposes, the real reason is to steal her passwords for a hostile takeover of the business. Hence officials have installed sophisticated malware and are using mind reading technology to guess the password for the various wordpress blogs so that they can falsely claim that it was owned by them or their lazy greedy associates.
On 8 November 2015, the domain investor received a notification from an ad network that the ad placed on the website was missing. On troubleshooting, in a clear case of corporate espionage, it was found that someone had taken the trouble of deleting the post and also the post from trash to cause financial losses or waste time.
So the obc domain investor, Paypal account holder is being targetted by an official who hates her and wants to waste her time to the maximum extent possible.