Exposing the cruel irrational officials torturing paypal account holders in India

Some of the most cruel irrational officials in ntro are deployed to torture the real paypal account holders in India because these shameless fraud ntro officials falsely claim that the paypal account belongs to their lazy greedy fraud friends and relatives. If the Paypal account holder will withdraw cash for daily expenses, these cruel irrational ntro officials will ruthlessly torture the obc paypal account holder, to cause great pain, insomnia, wasting a huge amount of tax payer money.
The person will be too ill to even step out of the house after being ruthlessly tortured by these cruel ntro officials, and these cruel animal like officials will complain that their victim does not spend any money and torture the person further. These inhuman ntro officials should think logically, if they causing so much damage to a harmless civilian domain investor, paypal account holder with their torture that he or she cannot step out of the house, how can the tortured paypal account holder purchase anything.

If these ntro officials stop wasting indian tax payer money to torture a harmless civilian to cause great pain, she can lead a normal life and spend more money