Official with stolen FDs, NSC, KVP ruthlessly blocking payment

The indian intelligence agency official who has stolen and kept the FD, KVP, NSC receipts of the harmless obc single woman engineer, domain investor without a court order, has been ruthless in blocking payment, reducing the online income of the engineer, he has been monitoring all the online activities of the obc engineer, and doing everything possible to reduce the revenues.
For example, affiliate conversions from the engineers websites are all credited to the account of this official who is already getting a good salary from the government, while the engineer is paying the hosting, domain costs, and not being credited what she deserved. Only the account of the obc engineer are being affected, when someone else claims to own the account, the affiliate conversions are being tracked and credited properly

The greedy official is hoping to cause so many losses, that the engineer will be forced to agree to a humiliating identity theft arrangement, which will make his friend or relative very wealthy. However the engineer has realized that after 5 years, these officials do not have any proof at all, so she is treating it as a case of THEFT by a powerful shameless greedy official