How affiliate commissions of obc domain investor, webmaster are stolen

The obc engineer realizes that promoting any affiliate program will be a complete waste of time for her because all her affiliate conversions are being credited to someone else. For example for a website U*, though she owned the account, some powerful officials falsely claimed that the goan sex bribe givers siddhi mandrekar, sunaina owned the account and changed the password. The engineer did not realize that the password was changed, and promoted the affiliate link on the website. No conversion was tracked when she controlled the account

After a year, when the engineer checked the account she found that the password was changed. Since her mobile number was being used , she managed to reset the password and found that the balance had increased very significantly to more than Rs 300. Now the engineer has controlled the account for more than six months, and again finds that not even one affiliate link conversion has been tracked and credited to her account

The statistics are
2014 :155 conversions
2015 : 0 conversions

And when she will go to the website she will see the message “Kingray”(or similar name) has recharged the mobile for Rs 10, clearly indicating that affiliate commissions are being stolen by the official who has already stolen the FD, NSC, KVP certificates of the obc engineer,without a court order.