why does lazy greedy goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi get credit for online work

When the obc bhandari domain investor, engineer and Paypal account holder will use the airtel connection in goa, the shameless fraud intelligence agency officials in goa allegedly on the payroll of tata, google, paypal will allegedly falsely claim that the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi is doing the work and investing money, when the lazy greedy goan GSB FRAUD housewife riddhi is not doing any work at all or spending any money.
However the shameless gsb fraud gang promoting the lazy greedy extortionist gsb fraud riddhi seem to think that defaming and exploiting obc bhandari engineers to get the lazy mediocre gsb fraud riddhi great powers, a salary making fake claims is their birthright.
When the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud riddhi does not do work, why do shameless fraud tata, google, officials behaving like section 420 cheaters , allegedly falsely claim that she is a Paypal account holder, domain investor to waste tax payer money paying the goan fraud housewife a salary
The lazy greedy goan gsb cheater riddhi is just an ordinary gsb fraud housewife running an extortion racket,looking after her house and family, with no income why are dishonest powerful fraud officials in goa diverting the phone calls of the obc bhandari engineer to the lazy greedy goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi so that they can run an extortion and bribery racket

airtel is not providing the internet connection to the obc engineer for free, the obc engineer is paying more than Rs 500 monthly yet, she is defamed as a fool, while the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud riddhi gets credit despite doing no work at all and not spending a single paisa on the internet connection

When will the powerful officials in the indian internet sector and their stooges like goan extortionists riddhi siddhi sunaina stop acting like section 420 cheaters, making false claims so that their fraud friends and relatives can get lucrative salaries, great powers