Voice to skull technology misused in India

Increasingly corporates in india are allegedly bribing intelligence agency officials to misuse voice to skull technology to harass harmless innocent online exporters, to cause confusion, financial losses, to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply.
The head of the harmles online exporter is bombarded with signals so that the person appears to be hearing voices, giving instructions which can cause chaos, if the person does not analyze the matter scientifically.

Some of the messages torturing a domain investor are “affiliate program”, “delete” for domain names, cancel for an online transaction. Initially the domain investor was affected, yet now the investor realizes that she cannot stop the officials from harassing her, however she can train herself to ignore the messages of enemies who hate her .

These officials do not have any proof against her and are never going to interact with her personally. They are harassing wasting tax payer money because corporates are bribing them to harass the domain investor and destroy her financially, mentally and her personal life. For many years will tax payer money and time be wasted to torture a harmless singled woman engineer, domain investor