Domain investors targetted by hackers in india

In an indication of the misplaced priorities of top officials in india, harmless domain investors are targetted by hackers who have access to sophisticated equipment purchased with tax payer money. These officials hope to force the domain investor, who they have defamed, to agree to identity theft which will make the mediocre lazy greedy cheater friends and relatives of the officials rich and powerful overnight,
So these officials will waste indian tax payer money to monitor the domain investor, hack the laptop, divert and steal the correspondence of the domain investor and do everything possible to cause financial losses to the domain investor, so that he or she will come begging to them for help.
These greedy powerful officials do not realize that instead of wasting tax payer money harassing a harmless civilian, they can make more money if they spend time reading forums, and investing their own money online. However these greedy risk averse officials only want to make some quick money, and abuse their powers to harass harmless domain investors.