Slow internet connection on 31 October 2015

Again on 31 October 2015, the internet connection of the obc bhandari Paypal account holder, domain investor and engineer has become extremely slow as it is routed through fraud indian intelligence agency officials, who falsely claim national security is involved, when actually they are involved in corporate espionage .
For more than 15 minutes around 1.55 pm the domain investor has been trying to open the website of an Indian webhosting company using Google chrome browser, yet the page is not getting opened.
The internet connection from different ISPs were used, yet the webpage is not opening.
If anyone from India can provide a reliable internet connection, there will be a lot of demand.

Account hacked after making credit card payment

The greed and lust of the powerful sex bribe takers, cheaters of India cannot be matched as they falsely claim that all online credit card payments of a obc Paypal account holder are made by goan sex bribe givers siddhi sunaina, bengaluru shivalli brahmin fraud housewife nayanshree hathwar, gsb extortionist riddhi and others, though the fact remains that these mediocre frauds do not spend a single paisa online or pay the credit card bill.
So when the domain investor made the mistake of making an online credit card payment to an Indian webhosting company she found that her account was hacked, password changed as the powerful fraud officials in the indian internet sector falsely claimed that the lazy greedy young goan sex bribe givers obc bhandari slim sunaina,fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar owned the webhosting account.

Why are officials who shamelessly lie if they get SEX or other BRIBES given so many powers in the indian internet sector, intelligence and security agencies

Hilevel hacking of wordpress blog

A domain investor found that she got the following message “Your blog has been suspended for suspected Googlebot cloaking”. The domain investor has not made any change at all in the settings of the blog indicating that a high level hacker has made some changes in wordpress to get the “googlebot cloaking” error.

However the hacker has left one blog post of the ad network on the blog that was suspended indicating that the hacking was extremely sophisticated.

Internet connection becomes slower

The speed of the internet connection has become even slower during the day in Goa, especially after 9.30 am in the morning . Now opening a webpage has become a very time consuming processing using the 3G internet connection with the time taken to open a simple webpage more than 1 minute on 27 October 2015.
Hence online transactions are to be avoided to the extent possible in Goa during the day using the 3g connection or arrangement has to be made for an alternate internet connection

USB Internet dongle not recognized

In another example of corporate espionage on a domain investor, the Dlink usb internet dongle was not recognized on the laptop after the laptop was being used for some time. It clearly indicated that officials are misusing the NTRo equipment, wifi network to disable the usb port on the samsung laptop so that the USB internet dongle will not be recognized, and the domain investor cannot connect to the internet.
The problem will be solved when the laptop will be restarted

Creating an atmosphere of fear

One of the little known qualities of indian intelligence agencies which the mainstream media in India does not document is how they are very good at creating an atmosphere of fear and defaming innocent people without proof. After 5 years, the officials who are remaining hidden, are refusing to provide any kind of information to the woman whose retirement savings they have stolen without a court order or legally valid reason, because if they expose themselves they could face legal action for the theft, harassment and cheating.
At first the harmless victim does not realize what has happened to change their life drastically, as they keep their victim guessing, refusing to provide any kind of information directly. As a result, the person who they target will have to take decisions with the limited information available, often resulting in costly mistakes.

why does lazy greedy goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi get credit for online work

When the obc bhandari domain investor, engineer and Paypal account holder will use the airtel connection in goa, the shameless fraud intelligence agency officials in goa allegedly on the payroll of tata, google, paypal will allegedly falsely claim that the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi is doing the work and investing money, when the lazy greedy goan GSB FRAUD housewife riddhi is not doing any work at all or spending any money.
However the shameless gsb fraud gang promoting the lazy greedy extortionist gsb fraud riddhi seem to think that defaming and exploiting obc bhandari engineers to get the lazy mediocre gsb fraud riddhi great powers, a salary making fake claims is their birthright.
When the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud riddhi does not do work, why do shameless fraud tata, google, officials behaving like section 420 cheaters , allegedly falsely claim that she is a Paypal account holder, domain investor to waste tax payer money paying the goan fraud housewife a salary
The lazy greedy goan gsb cheater riddhi is just an ordinary gsb fraud housewife running an extortion racket,looking after her house and family, with no income why are dishonest powerful fraud officials in goa diverting the phone calls of the obc bhandari engineer to the lazy greedy goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi so that they can run an extortion and bribery racket

airtel is not providing the internet connection to the obc engineer for free, the obc engineer is paying more than Rs 500 monthly yet, she is defamed as a fool, while the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud riddhi gets credit despite doing no work at all and not spending a single paisa on the internet connection

When will the powerful officials in the indian internet sector and their stooges like goan extortionists riddhi siddhi sunaina stop acting like section 420 cheaters, making false claims so that their fraud friends and relatives can get lucrative salaries, great powers

Moz website blocked on Google chrome

The recent Moz DA update took place on 15 October 2015, however a domain investor trying to check the latest moz da using a desktop was not able to access the website using a variety of browsers, like Google chrome and Firefox. It appears that the desktop was hacked to ensure that the website was not accessible.
However when the domain investor checked the information and moz website at a cybercafe, it could be easily accessed, indicating that the desktop had been hacked, the website was accessible to other internet users in India.
If anyone knows the settings of the desktop which were manipulated, kindly revert so that it can be checked and the problem prevented in future

Both 3G and 2G internet connections of domain investor not working

In an indication of the high level of corporate espionage faced by domain investors in India, both the internet connections have been blocked on 18 October 2015, around 9 am . For one internet connection there is a connectivity error and for the second connection, it is getting disconnected within a few seconds of the connection being completed, indicating that someone has been actively disconnecting the connection.
This problem was faced soon after a few domain names were registered
The hackers are providing content for the websites due to their negative attitude , news of their sabotage has been published to alert others

Strange problem with a wordpress installation

For one webhosting account of a domain investor, the user cannot add categories and tags for any post being made manually . The video tag is being automatically expanded for the particular webhosting account, so that the add categories button, add tags button has become unclickable for the particular webhosting account, for all the wordpress installations.
Any help or information will be appreciated on how to fix the problem will be appreciated